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4 Must-Have Pieces of Technology to Upgrade Your Oil Tank

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As experts in oil tank installations, replacements, and maintenance with over 25 years of experience, the team at SG Tanks understands the value of upgrading older tanks with modern technology. Oil tank accessories can go a long way in prolonging a heating system’s lifespan and operational efficiency, but there may come a time when a larger overhaul is needed.

Advanced monitoring and safety features don’t just provide peace of mind that your oil heating system is functioning correctly but can also help prevent costly leaks or other disasters. If deciding whether it’s time to upgrade your domestic or commercial oil storage tank, consider investing in these four must-have accessories to enhance the security and performance of your system.

1. Tank Fuel Gauges

A wireless fuel gauge monitor is one of the most useful oil tank add-ons. This device digitally tracks and measures your current oil levels allowing you to determine the levels and needs of your tank easily and quickly.

Tank gauges eliminate the need for manual oil level checks while constantly monitoring a tank’s liquid level. Should your tank oil volume drop suddenly, the gauge alerts you to potential leaks or issues that require instant attention.

Such a gauge usually consists of a float or probe inside the tank, connected to a dial or chain. As the liquid rises or falls, the dial reflects the corresponding level. Within certain products, you can configure alerts to notify you when new deliveries are needed before your tank runs dry.

2. Secondary Containment Tanks

Single-skinned oil tanks, while largely reliable and sturdy, are more prone to leaks than double-skinned oil tanks. If you have a single skin tank already present, investing in a secondary containment tank essentially provides double-wall oil storage for enhanced leak prevention.

Also referred to as “bunded tanks”, these systems have outer spill containers that catch and contain any leaked oil from the primary internal tank before it can escape. This provides an invaluable safeguard against both property damage and environmental contamination.

Here at SG Tanks, we supply expertly engineered steel bunded tanks that provide complete secondary containment protection. We also handle professional installations of double-skin tanks that comply with all oil storage regulations.

3. Tank Alarm Systems

Another upgrade that provides complete peace of mind is installing an alarm system directly wired to your oil tank. 

Similar to wireless gauges, this device monitors fuel levels and temperatures. However, tank alarms take safety a step further by activating loud audio/visual warnings if abnormal conditions are detected.

For instance, tank alarms trigger if oil levels drop at a rapid rate, temperature areas spike or other environmental sensor thresholds exceed or decline below expected levels.

With remote access tank alarm systems, alerts can also send instant notifications directly to you, where minor issues can be prevented from escalating.

4. Smart Tank Monitoring Systems

For the ultimate in oil tank technology, consider a web-based smart tank monitor system with a cloud interface. These fully integrated platforms consolidate fuel level measurements, leak warnings, usage tracking and more into a single dashboard.

With remote surveillance and intelligent tracking, smart monitoring certainly takes the stress out of managing your household or business oil supply. Users can access and analyse tank data remotely and optimise oil tank management for improved convenience and efficiency.

Partner with Oil Tank Specialists

Upgrading oil storage tanks with modern technology allows you to reap efficiency, security and cost benefits while avoiding the headaches of emergency leak repairs or oil tank replacements.

However, for any oil tank servicing needs, the experienced team at SG Tanks has the expertise to assist residential and business customers throughout Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and beyond.

Contact us today to upgrade your oil tank with these latest innovative offerings, or for any specific recommendations. We’d be more than happy to help you. Our fully licenced team can expertly service, repair or replace oil tanks of various sizes, across residential and commercial settings.

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