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Steel Oil Tanks

SG Tanks supplies a wide variety of high-quality, custom-made steel oil tanks. Offering a truly comprehensive selection of steel oil tanks for sale across the South East of England, including Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey, we will have the ideal model for your needs – whether that is a domestic steel oil tank or one for commercial or agricultural use.

From bunded heating oil tanks to waste oil tanks to models with locking lids for extra security, each of our expertly designed and skilfully manufactured tanks is available in a full range of sizes to suit any requirement.

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Domestic oil tanks

SG Tanks specialises in domestic oil storage tanks – these are single-skin tanks that benefit from their affordable cost, sturdy construction, and high fuel capacities of 250 litres to 1,350 litres. We also have high-quality bunded (double skin) steel tanks, available in sizes from 750 litres to 2,450 litres. To ensure that you have complete peace of mind with your purchase, every steel oil tank come with a 10-year guarantee, including our popular domestic heating oil tanks.

Domestic Steel Oil Tank FAQs


Where should I put a domestic oil tank? 

The positioning of your steel oil tank is crucial for safe and accessible usage. It should be located at least 1.8m away from any building entrances or non-fire rated eaves, and on a solid base, platform or stand (such as concrete or paving slabs) with a minimum of 300mm around its edge. The steel tank’s elevated position means that sinking or movement is reduced, and by extension, so is the risk of injury or spillages.

How long should 500 litres of oil last in winter? 

The duration of 500 litres of heating oil greatly depends on factors such as the size of your home, insulation levels, and your heating patterns, as well as the type and capacity of your oil tank. As a general guideline, a 500-litre tank could last an average 3-bedroom house between 6-8 weeks during the winter months when the heating is used regularly. Larger steel oil tanks (with capacities of 600 gallons or 2500 litres, for example) can handle more oil storage‌, meaning that you will need to refill an oil tank less frequently.

What size oil tank do I need for my house?

The ideal oil tank size depends on your home’s heating solutions and the number of residents. A typical three-bedroom house in the UK using heating oil would require a tank with a capacity of between 9000 and 1,500 litres. However, for larger homes or those with higher heating needs, 2500-litre oil tanks may be more suitable. Conversely, smaller properties could be OK using a 750-litre oil tank. Our experts can help determine the most cost-effective and ideally-sized oil tank based on your requirements.

Do oil tanks need to be serviced? 

Yes, regular oil tank servicing and maintenance are essential for ensuring its long-term performance, safety, stability and reliability. Steel bunded oil tanks are generally more resilient and secure than plastic oil tanks, but they should still be inspected annually for any signs of damage, leaks or corrosion. Additionally, a steel tank’s gauges, valves, and other components should be assessed and cleaned as needed by a qualified oil tank technician, such as those at SG Tanks.

Can I install my own oil tank? 

While it is possible to install a steel oil tank yourself, we wouldn’t recommend it due to the complexities involved and the potential risks if not done correctly. A steel oil tank installation requires adherence to strict regulations and guidelines, as well as specialised knowledge and equipment. We strongly advise having your oil tank installed by our team of experienced professionals to ensure safety, compliance, and proper functionality.


How our team can help you

Here at SG Tanks, we benefit from a highly experienced and knowledgeable team. We’ve supplied our metal oil tanks everywhere from private homes and large industrial operations to agricultural applications. This means that no matter what type of tank you are looking for, we will have a model to meet your needs.

We offer a full service with everything regarding the installation and maintenance of your old steel oil tank – this includes supplying a wide range of high-quality tank stands. Our tanks are manufactured to the highest standards and produced in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, to find out more information on how to order one from us, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can call on 01903 856403 to speak to a friendly member of our team.

Commitment to fantastic customer service

We understand the importance of getting the details of your steel oil tank installation right. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to providing a truly fantastic service to our customers and exceeding your expectations with everything we do. There is nothing our staff doesn’t know about a home steel oil tank or commercial oil tanks, and we would be delighted to help you with any queries you might have.

SG Tanks hold more than 25 years of experience in both supplying and installing tanks. All of our services meet the highest standards and OFTEC regulations. During our work, our highly skilled staff ensure a fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly installation.

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