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The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) and the Federation of Petroleum (FPS) have launched “Tank Safe”: a campaign encouraging homeowners with oil heating to urgently check the condition of their storage tanks.

The campaign has been fueled by concerns that a growing number of domestic oil tanks are reaching the end of their lifespan, but homeowners are too nervous about the associated cost to invest in a replacement.

Storage tanks unfortunately do not last forever, and if oil leaks into the ground it can threaten property, the environment and human health. Clearing contaminated ground is far more expensive than a new tank, so addressing signs of aging or strain is much more cost-effective in the long run!

Make sure that you frequently check the condition of your tank, including;

• Inspecting your tank for surface cracks, sun-bleached spots or rusting
• Keeping integral bunds clear of leaves and rainwater
• Maintaining filters and pipes
• Removing any foliage or debris that is covering the tank
• Looking out for unusual signs of oil, particularly following a delivery
• Having your tank inspected by a registered professional at least once a year
• Updating your home insurance to cover your tank and its contents

At SG Tanks, we routinely carry out tank inspections, and help our customers to make sure their oil storage meets building regulations and environmental requirements. If you notice any of the above faults, or have any other critical concerns about your oil tank, call our team now on 01903 856403.

Oil heating is still one of the most reliable and cost-effective heating methods for your home, and we can make sure that your system keeps benefits your family – and wallet – for years to come. For more information, visit the OFTEC website or watch the Tank Safe video.

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