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10 Ways to Keep Your Oil Tank Secure

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Your oil tank is a valuable source of fuel for your home – literally. While modern tanks have robust security features to prevent unwanted drilling or siphoning, there are a few simple steps you can take that will keep your tank and its contents even safer.

  1. Keep the filler cap locked. A lockable cap is inexpensive if your tank doesn’t currently have one.
  2. Position your oil tank somewhere visible from your home.
  3. Shield the tank from the view of the road using a cover, fence or shrubs (but be aware of potential fire risks and access requirements).
  4. Keep any gates to your property closed and locked, particularly at night and when you’re not at home.
  5. Invest in proper tank maintenance and don’t delay replacing it when the time comes. Weak spots and corrosion make your tank much more vulnerable.
  6. Fit a motion-triggered security light overlooking your tank.
  7. Install a tank monitor to measure oil levels inside the tank. This can tell you when to refill the tank, but also alert you to sudden drops from a leak or theft.
  8. Be especially cautious following an oil delivery, as discerning thieves may be waiting until they know your tank is full.
  9. Arrange with neighbours to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and report any incidents to the police.
  10. Make sure your home contents insurance covers oil theft, which will cushion the inconvenience and expense of replacement in a worst-case scenario.

Any combination of these small measures will discourage opportunists, and give you plenty of peace of mind that your fuel supply stays protected

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