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Why Make the Switch to a Home Oil Tank?

Single Skin and Bunded Oil Tank

Home oil tanks are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as the rising price of fuel has many homeowners concerned about their energy bills. At SG Tanks, we understand that moving away from the mains grid can be a daunting decision, and we aim to make that transition as easy as possible. Here are some of the main reasons our customers have chosen to make the change for themselves.

Bill Management

Using mains energy means that every time you heat your home you’re paying the market rate. By switching to an oil tank, you can secure huge savings simply by refilling it at the right time. The oil market can fluctuate significantly, so stocking up when the price is low will mean that you can avoid having to pay over-the-odds to heat your home, and stay in control of your bills.

Reducing Consumption

Many of our customers confess that they have no idea how much energy they use while on the main grid, which worries them. Moving to a private heating oil tank lets them see exactly what their household consumes, and enables them to take meaningful measures to reduce their usage. It’s a great solution for families that are as conscious about the environment as they are their wallets.

No Ongoing Costs

When deciding to switch their energy supply, many people consider a range of alternatives, such as LPG gas. It’s worth remembering that with an oil tank you own all of the equipment, rather than renting it which can get expensive (and is usually the case with LPG suppliers). Once you have your tank installed the only ongoing costs are servicing requirements.

Controlling the Price

When you own a tank, you have the freedom to choose your own supplier every time you refill it. Some of our customers prefer to “shop around” for the best prices, while others build a relationship with a regular supplier to negotiate long-term discounts for their top ups.

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