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4 beliefs about oil storage tanks that simply aren’t true!

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Are you thinking about installing an oil tank on your property, or are you due for a replacement? Perhaps you’re looking at buying a new home or commercial site that has an existing tank and you’re not sure whether it’s a benefit or a drawback. If you have any questions about oil tanks or switching to oil, our team will be happy to answer for you. In the meantime, here are four of the most common misconceptions about oil storage tanks – and the truth behind them.

1 – Once you install a tank, you don’t need to worry about it again

Although steel tanks and plastic tanks are extremely durable, the better you look after your tank, the longer it will last. We recommend carrying out regular tank inspections and basic seasonal maintenance to prevent leaks or spills, and your tank should be given a professional service once a year.

2 – A plastic tank is as strong as a metal tank

Plastic oil tanks, like the DESO tanks we supply, typically cost less than metal tanks of an equivalent size, making them very appealing to cost-conscious customers. However, the increased durability of a steel tank makes them more weather-resistant and less prone to accidental damage or ongoing wear and tear. If you keep up with your tank maintenance, a steel tank should last you much, much longer than a plastic one. At SG Tanks, we provide a two-year warranty for all our plastic tanks and a five-year warranty on our steel tanks.

3 – Oil tanks are vulnerable to theft

It’s true that a freshly-filled tank could be attractive to thieves, due to the value of the oil inside. However, tanks generally have robust security features and steel tanks in particular are highly resistant to being drilled into for siphoning. For more details about tank security, read our guide.

4 – Industrial or agricultural properties benefit most from having an oil tank

It’s common to find private oil tanks on business premises, but domestic properties can benefit from having their own supply too. An increasing number of homeowners in the UK are keen to have greater control over their fuel usage and energy bills – which is much easier if you switch to oil. Domestic oil storage tanks start at very affordable prices and our experienced team will be more than happy to come out and install one for you.

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