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Steel or Plastic – how to decide which oil tank you need

Steel Oil Tank

Bunded oil tanks come in many shapes and sizes, but another key criterion you need to think about is what they’re made of. This material can either be steel or plastic, with the choice you make very much dependent on your requirements.

So, what are the main differences between the two materials? As you might imagine, both have their various advantages over the other so, to help you decide, we are going to look at each of these in more detail.

Steel Oil Tanks: Advantages

1 – Durable.

Steel is more resilient to extreme weather and is able to endure more accidental damage. It also offers a longer lifespan than plastic, as it is much more durable.

2 – Security.

With the recent rise in oil theft, steel oil tanks are a better option when it comes to security. This is because steel is a stronger material, making it more difficult for thieves to syphon oil from. They are also heavier so are more difficult to remove.

3 – Storage.

Steel tanks are a better option for larger businesses as they can hold a lot more oil than plastic options. This can allow you to take advantage of cheaper oil prices, as you’ll be able to bulk buy more of it.

Plastic Oil Tanks: Advantages

1 – Lighter.

Steel oil tanks are much heavier than their plastic counterparts which, while might be advantageous against thieves, isn’t always practical. Plastic oil tanks are much more lightweight and manoeuvrable, making them easier to transport and move if required.

2 – Rust.

Unlike steel, plastic doesn’t rust, so plastic oil tanks don’t develop clogged filters over time. They also don’t require repainting to keep them fresh and rust-free, like you would need to do with a steel oil tank.

3 – Flexible.

Due to the nature of plastic, most plastic oil tanks are whole and unlikely to split. They are also able to regain their natural shape in the event of damage or adverse weather, making them less prone to oil spills.

The tank you choose to buy will largely depend on your needs. If you own a business and are more concerned about security, then a steel tank is likely the better bet. Whereas, if you are looking for an oil tank that you can take with you wherever you go, then a plastic tank is more practical.

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