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How To Maintain Your Oil Tank During Lockdown

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The coronavirus outbreak has caused chaos all across the world, forcing millions upon millions of people to stay at home.

If you are one of those people to have been affected by the virus and are feeling concerned about what’s going to happen to your heating oil tank over the coming weeks, don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Join us as we take a look at three key ways to maintain your oil tank during your time in lockdown.

1 – Protect It.

If you keep your tank outdoors, it’s important to ensure it’s suitably protected from the elements.

Therefore, it’s time to head into the garden and give your tank a quick inspection. Look for any overhanging branches and trim them back. This will minimise the risk of debris falling onto the tank during periods of bad weather.

Likewise, think about erecting a fence around the tank to prevent it from being accidentally bumped or knocked. While you may not be able to get to your favourite garden centre just yet, use bits around your garden to get creative and ensure your tank stays protected.

2 – Inspect It.

It may sound a little obvious, but by simply keeping an eye out for signs of wear and tear on your oil tank, you will significantly help improve its lifespan. Whether it be a leak, a substantial drop in oil level or damage to the outer shell, acting on these potential issues straightaway can make a big difference.

Generally, it’s also a good idea to have your oil tank inspected once a year by an OFTEC-registered technician. Rather than just checking the tank itself, these technicians will look at the entire heating system to ensure it’s running as it should.

3 – Clean It.

Condensation eventually builds up in all types of oil tank, trapping a layer of water under the oil. Over time, this gradually corrodes the tanks, posing a significant threat to its structural integrity.

Therefore, it’s important to check your tank’s water levels on an annual basis, and keep your tank as full as possible over the summer months to reduce condensation.

By following the steps listed above not only will you improve the lifespan of your oil tank, but you’ll also ensure you won’t endure any issues during your time in lockdown. For more helpful advice, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01903 856403.

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