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How To Prettify Your Oil Tank


When compared to a beautiful water fountain, a luxurious pond, or even a well-decorated shed, domestic oil tanks aren’t exactly known for being the prettiest of garden features.

Large, green and fairly stocky in shape, these tanks are known for being more practical than pretty, functioning as the domestic storage unit for a home’s heating oil.

However, if your garden is your pride and joy, there are a number of things you can do to ‘prettify’ your tank and embrace it as part of your garden.

From oil tank covers, tank screening, oil tank covers and trellises to hedges, in this article, we detail three effective ways of giving your oil tank a little bit of a ‘wow’ factor.

1 – Fence.

Probably the easiest way of camouflaging or prettifying your oil tank comes through installing a fence.

Whether you choose to fence around the entire tank, or simply set up a screen to block it from view, installing a fence will provide you with the opportunity to place plants in front of the tank, decorate the fence as you wish, and keep it hidden out of sight.

Wooden panels, bamboo and reed fences can each be bought and installed relatively inexpensively, and can then be stained, painted or treated to suit the exact look you’re going for in your garden.

2 – Trellis.

Installing a trellis around your tank can require a lot of patience and clever positioning but, over time, can deliver exceptional results.

Once the trellis has been erected around the tank, plants can be grown up through it, camouflaging it in the process.

Whether it be a climber or a wall shrub, once these plants have grown, your oil tank will be hidden away behind a trellis of beautifully flowering plants. This, in turn, will encourage different types of animals and insects to visit your garden, which could help other plants in your garden grow more healthily.

3 – Hedge.

Once a hedge has had the time to mature, it can offer many benefits.

Not only will its dense leaves block your oil tank from view, but it should also offer a beautiful aesthetic and colour all year round.

What’s more, in the same way as planting climbers on a trellis, installing a hedge will also provide a new home for wildlife, such as birds and insects.

However, before you head down to your nearest garden centre, you will first need to work out the type of soil you have in your garden and determine how much sunlight the area gets. Otherwise, the hedge you plant will struggle to grow and camouflage the tank as intended.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to prettify or camouflage your oil tank, why not get in touch with our friendly team here at SG Tanks? Give us a call at 01903 856403 or email us at salessgtanks@gmail.com.

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