Our top tips for tank maintenance this winter

After a sizzling summer, the temperatures are finally dropping and there’s a definite chill in the air. This is an important time of year for oil storage tank owners, as the fluctuating temperatures can make tanks a little more vulnerable. If you use your tank for heating oil, it’s likely to see a lot more. Read More

New SG Tanks Customer Reviews

Once again, we are delighted to have received some fantastic reviews from clients that we have worked with so far this year. It’s been a pleasure to work with so many new and existing clients and to help them keep their tanks performing properly. We’ve included some of our latest comments below, while there are. Read More

Dealing with a domestic oil spill: Part 3

Owners of domestic oil tanks have the important responsibility for dealing with a leak or spill as quickly and effectively as possible. This is our third and last post dedicated to helping our customers and readers understand what actions to take, should they have concerns about the integrity of their tank.   In this post,. Read More

Dealing with a domestic oil spill: Part 2

This our second post in our short series of blogs covering what you should do in the event of an oil spill from your domestic oil storage tank. You can read part 1 here.   Immediate actions following a domestic oil leak or spill   Turn your oil supply off at the tank, then try. Read More

Dealing with a domestic oil spill: Part 1

In our last post, we talked about the dangers of not replacing an old or damaged oil storage tank – the most serious of which is the risk of an oil leak or spill (read more here).   If you should discover that your domestic oil tank is leaking, it’s essential that you take immediate. Read More

Why you shouldn’t delay replacing a damaged oil tank

There’s no doubt that buying an oil tank represents a substantial investment, so it pays to keep your domestic or commercial tank in good working order and replace it when the time comes.   The dangers of delaying Waiting until your tank falls apart or leaks can cause a potentially expensive, environmental mess and it. Read More

Free your farm from oil price hikes

Farms are powered by oil, whether it’s used to drive a tractor or to power a grain dryer, but storing oil properly is critical to ensure staff and site safety and guard against environmental pollution and fuel loss.   Another key benefit of having your own oil tank is that you are independent of the. Read More

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