Dealing with a domestic oil spill: Part 1

In our last post, we talked about the dangers of not replacing an old or damaged oil storage tank – the most serious of which is the risk of an oil leak or spill (read more here).   If you should discover that your domestic oil tank is leaking, it’s essential that you take immediate. Read More

Why you shouldn’t delay replacing a damaged oil tank

There’s no doubt that buying an oil tank represents a substantial investment, so it pays to keep your domestic or commercial tank in good working order and replace it when the time comes.   The dangers of delaying Waiting until your tank falls apart or leaks can cause a potentially expensive, environmental mess and it. Read More

Free your farm from oil price hikes

Farms are powered by oil, whether it’s used to drive a tractor or to power a grain dryer, but storing oil properly is critical to ensure staff and site safety and guard against environmental pollution and fuel loss.   Another key benefit of having your own oil tank is that you are independent of the. Read More

Does Your Tank Meet Building Regulations?

To complete this mini-series of safety considerations when it comes to installing and maintaining your domestic oil storage tank, we’re going to share the key requirements set out by Planning Permission and Building Regulations. There aren’t many, but like the environmental protection guidelines and the fire safety requirements, your tank storage and positioning must adhere. Read More

Protecting the Environment with a Bunded Tank

Last month, we talked about the importance of fire safety regulations in regards to domestic oil storage tanks. However, these are not the only considerations to make when it comes to installing a tank on your property. Even though a spill or leak from a domestic tank is rare, the potential mess can be very. Read More

The Benefits of Heating Oil vs. Natural Gas

Concerns were raised earlier this month as the severe cold-weather front from Siberia (the so-called “Beast from the East”) coincided with a shortage of natural gas across the UK. The National Grid released warnings about depleting reserves, urging suppliers to make more gas available in order to meet the demand of millions of chilly households. Read More

How to get the best price for heating oil

Heating oil prices fluctuate all the time, usually in relation to the price of crude oil. It can be affected by weather conditions, global production and international politics – but that’s not to say you can’t have some control over the price you end up paying to fill your tank.   1 – Shop around. Read More

Why we recommend steel tanks

We help a lot of clients choose new oil tanks, either because they’re switching to oil for the first time or need to replace an older tank at the end of its life. Every home and business has different requirements when it comes to their oil tank, however in most cases we do find that. Read More

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