Why Make the Switch to a Home Oil Tank?

Home oil tanks are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as the rising price of fuel has many homeowners concerned about their energy bills. At SG Tanks, we understand that moving away from the mains grid can be a daunting decision, and we aim to make that transition as easy as possible. Here are some. Read More

10 Ways to Keep Your Oil Tank Secure

Your oil tank is a valuable source of fuel for your home – literally. While modern tanks have robust security features to prevent unwanted drilling or siphoning, there are a few simple steps you can take that will keep your tank and its contents even safer. Keep the filler cap locked. A lockable cap is. Read More

Common problems with older oil tanks

Is it time to think about getting a new oil tank? If you currently have an older oil tank either on your residential or commercial premises, it could be at risk of a range of problems, especially if it has not been regularly serviced and maintained. Here are some of the most common problems that. Read More

Home oil tank safety advice

Whether you’re thinking of having a home oil tank installed or you’re buying a property that has its own tank, it’s important to understand the safety issues surrounding them. In normal circumstances, home oil tanks are extremely safe products but it’s worth knowing the potential as much as you can so that you understand how. Read More

Benefits of a home heating oil tank

Most homes in the UK are connected to the mains grid to get their gas. But it is becoming an increasingly popular option to have your own oil tank installed to use heating oil as an alternative. So why are so many people making the switch? Here are some of the benefits of home heating. Read More

Three reasons to buy a steel oil tank

If you’ve decided that you’re going to buy an oil tank you’ll need to make a decision on the material. Your two main options are either plastic or steel. Here are three good reasons to buy a steel oil tank. Longevity It’s worth knowing that steel oil tanks tend to have a much longer lifespan. Read More

Common misconceptions about oil tanks

Whether you’re looking into oil tanks for the first time, you’re buying a replacement or you’re interested in a property that has its own tank, it’s always best to have as much information available to you as possible. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about oil tanks and the truth behind them. Myth:. Read More

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