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The Best Films & Documentaries About Oil

If you have recently got yourself an oil tank and are intrigued to find out more about its history and use within the world of cinema, we’ve got you covered. The oil industry, after all, has been the subject of a number of films throughout the years – from cult classics to thought-provoking documentaries and. Read More

How To Prepare For A Post-Lockdown Holiday

Now that the lockdown restrictions are finally being lifted, you may find yourself thinking about booking up your diary with trips away. However, before you dust off the suitcase and head off on your travels, it’s important to stop and think about your oil tank. While it may be the last thing you want to. Read More

3 Things To Do Outside During Lockdown

While we’re all stuck in self-isolation, it’s important from a mental health perspective to keep ourselves active and our brains well-stimulated. With this in mind, if you have a garden available at home, we’ve compiled a short list of things you could do during the lockdown to keep you and your family entertained. From creative. Read More

How To Maintain Your Oil Tank During Lockdown

The coronavirus outbreak has caused chaos all across the world, forcing millions upon millions of people to stay at home. If you are one of those people to have been affected by the virus and are feeling concerned about what’s going to happen to your heating oil tank over the coming weeks, don’t worry –. Read More

How To Prettify Your Oil Tank

When compared to a beautiful water fountain, a luxurious pond, or even a well-decorated shed, domestic oil tanks aren’t exactly known for being the prettiest of garden features. Large, green and fairly stocky in shape, these tanks are known for being more practical than pretty, functioning as the domestic storage unit for a home’s heating. Read More

Is your oil tank safe and ready for Christmas?

With Christmas fast approaching, you’re bound to have plenty on your mind already. If you have an oil tank, then that should be another important thing to keep in mind – especially if you’re going away for the holidays! You don’t want to have to worry about an unsecure oil tank or running out of. Read More

How To Deal With A Domestic Oil Spill

Domestic oil spills can happen easily. Whether through the accidental fault of the owner, or because of environmental circumstances, oil spills can happen suddenly or over a long period of time – there really is no ‘normal’ when it comes to domestic oil spills. However, being able to act quickly in the event of one. Read More

3 Tips to ‘Winterproof’ Your Oil Tank

  Now that the summer months have been and gone, and all those memories of BBQs are starting to sizzle away into the distance, it’s time to embrace the upcoming autumnal weather.   With temperatures dropping, the sun setting earlier in the evening, and the risk of snow ever increasing, it’s important to safeguard yourself. Read More

Going Away? 3 Things To Do Before You Leave

Let’s set the scene. You’re lounging by the hotel pool, cocktail in hand, soaking up the rays and letting life pass you by. It’s bliss, and exactly what you need after a long hard few months.   However, a thought suddenly springs to mind – did you turn off your heating before you set off. Read More

Don’t forget about your oil tank this summer

While you’re lounging by the pool or manning the BBQ this summer, spare a thought for your oil tank sitting at home.   It’ll probably be the last thing you want to think about when you’re soaking up the sun, but the heat and humidity of the summer months can seriously affect oil tanks. This. Read More

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